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Ashley Madison is Cheating with the DMCA

Controversial cheating website AshleyMadison.com dealt quite the blow to its 36 million users last week when they reported that the website had been hacked. The notorious site, which helps married men and women connect and meet for extramarital affairs, was the target of a major hack, and this week...

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An Invisible Watermark? So cool.

In my last article, I discussed the advantages of adding a small watermark or signature to the corner of any image even though it could easily be cropped out. But then what? You are still left with your image being used without permission on a site you may not even be aware of.  So in the best of...

Watermarks and the DMCA
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3 Reasons to Use a Digital Watermark

Watermarking has been the artists’ bane since the early days of the computer revolution. We all want to protect our images from unauthorized use, but at the same time, we don’t want to do anything to detract from the visual appearance, since that is the whole point of posting the work in the...

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Etsy: A Home for Copyright Infringement

Part 1: Etsy, the online e-commerce website focusing on handmade goods, crafts and vintage items, has continually come under fire due to incessant copyright infringement.  Here is a typical scenario: An artist is surfing through Etsy looking for a Mother’s Day gift, when on the screen they are...

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Find Your Stolen Online Photos?

Have you ever wondered if your copyright protected images are being copied for use on other websites? As a photographer, I post many of my photos to the web. Some are on sites that have legally paid for their use, some are posted to my own website, while others are posted to photo networks such as...