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Stories about receiving trademark protection and dealing with trademark infringement

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Pop Artist Romero Britto Sues Apple

Brazilian pop artist Romero Britto is suing Apple, Inc, and two artists, known as “Craig & Karl,” over artwork Apple used in its “Start Something New” campaign. Britto, whose work is characterized by his use of bright colors, fanciful patterns, and happy subject matter, has often been...

Comfy Balls Trademark

Comfy Balls Trademark Rejected as Too Vulgar

In a country where AC/DC’s can sing about their Big Balls, South Park can demonstrate Cock Magic to small children, and the Kardashians can act like Kardashians, it seems unfair that a Norwegian underwear company would be denied a U.S. trademark for its brand COMFY BALLS because the name is too...


Why You Need a Trademark Now

Most business owners in the art community will consider registering a trademark for their businesses at some point. Very often trademarks are relegated to the “nice to have” column, replaced by what are believed to be more pressing business concerns. However, trademark protection should be given...


Disney Fights Deadmau5 Over Mouse Ears

After a decade of using his signature Mickey Mouse style ears, Deadmau5 is finally in hot water with the Walt Disney Company. Disney, known for the aggressive enforcement of its intellectual property, had surprisingly left Deadmau5 alone. That is until the musical artists decided to Trademark his...

Redskins Trademark

Redskin’s Trademark Loss May Not Have Much Effect

The Washington Redskin’s have been under pressure to change the team’s name due to its disparaging connotation to Native Americans but the owner’s have refused to budge on any changes. To add to the controversy, today, the Trademark Trial an Appeals Board revoked the six of the Redskins trademarks...

Trademark in Business
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Need a Trademark? Here are some tips.

Picking a name for a business or product is one of the first steps for any new venture. However, many companies don’t register their trademarks during the start-up phase, usually waiting until a later time when sufficient cash is available, if registered at all. That decision is a bit of a...

Apple Denied Trademark

Apple Denied “iPad Mini” Trademark

The US Patent and Trademark Office has denied Apple a trademark on the term “iPad mini.” Despite the popular notion, trademarks are not easy to obtain. Even with all its experienced high-powered attorneys, Apple now finds themselves without a trademark on one of their main product lines. It’s...